B2B lead generation & new business

We work the Dutch and other European B2B markets from the Amsterdam region. Well-trained native speakers call their own country, region or city and then hold online demos that are geared to the challenges of the specific entrepreneur. LocalHeroes distinguishes itself in several areas from sales organizations and call centers. We believe in the combination of personal development and the digital possibilities that cloud based applications give us in order to achieve an effective Sales result.

Sustainable future

We want to work on a better world and have found a way to prevent CO2 emissions. With our sales method such as keeping online demos we believe that we can make a contribution for a better environment because fewer cars with sales people are needed on the road.

LocalHeroes Academy

New Heroes receive intensive Sales training at our own Sales Academy. You will also receive product training from our customers and weekly coaching sessions to get the best out of yourself and to continue developing.

Training and coaching
Sales is top sport! And in top sport there is an effective training tailored to top results! We want 'Happy & engaged employers', and therefore consider your personal development very important! For your personal development we work together with peoplelikeus who use the purpose scan tool.  
Predictable revenue

We believe that Sales is a conversion driven workflow. By following the entire Sales process intensively, we can make the workflow stronger by developing training, coaching and the Sales pitches.

Building relations

We take our customers seriously. Learning together and becoming stronger. That is why we give our Heroes and the customers the chance to continue after each other. Several 'Heroes' started working for our clients after a Sales process to make a next step in their career. That makes us happy!

Quantifiable Results

Sales is a conversion driven worklfow. We measure all kpi's to see where we can implement improvements. Extensive and transparent reporting for our customers is an important part. Thanks to the LH predictable revenue model, we can use a pilot version with great reliability to make statements about sales activities and sales results.

"The world has changed and we provide a new way of selling which makes your revenue accountable, future proof and sustainable"

Exploring European markets

From our office in the Amsterdam region we work with 'native speakers' to develop new business in the Netherlands and most European countries. We work with young well-trained professionals from 9 different European countries. We work with AE Marketing, IP telephony, online demo software and various other Saas.


'Old school' Europese Sales expansie

In all new countries, a company must:

1. Find a suitable office(s)
2. recruit and train local Sales people
3. Discover the local market (s) and the B2B culture

'LocalHeroes' Europese Sales expansie

The advantages of the LocalHeroes Sales method:

• Higher conversion ratios
• Faster exploitation of European markets
• Lower costs per Sale
• Less investments required

Let's make Sales Co2 Neutral!

LocalHeroes aims to make the 'footprint' of Sales Co2 Neutral. This starts with less or no traveling to customers, and smarter and more effective dealing with Sales processes. Help us, and send your ideas to co2neutral@localheroes.world The best ideas we will develop and implement together with you!


YESS! We hire!

Will you be our new Local Hero? For our new initiative, with which we have brought Sales to a whole new level, we are looking for enterprising, enthusiastic, online oriented and especially commercial Sales Consultants for LocalHeroes.world!

Check our vacancies!


At Localheroes.world people from 8 different nationalities work. We respect each other, learn from each other and have fun together. Get to know a few of your colleagues!

John / Booker

I come from Ireland and love Italian food, I regularly make jokes and sometimes get you some coffee! 🙂

Karin / Closer

I live in Breda, love sports, fashion, healthy lifestyle and like to have a nice chats with colleagues!


Natascha / Teamleader

My favorite sunset is in southern Spain. I love cooking, yoga and art

Jerry / Manager

The best part is that I can help you grow, in your profession and as a person. 'Every 1% day better' is my credo!


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The Netherlands

Wouter van der Horst
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